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Christmas knitting means different things to different knitters:

  • There’s the “I need to make 7 gifts in 5 weeks” kind of mad knitting that sucks the enjoyment out of it as you know you have absolutely no time whatsoever for any kind of mistake or interruption.
  • There’s the “If I start thinking about it now in January, I’ll have a heap of lovelies to share out come next Christmas!” forward planning that enables the organised knitter to enjoy some personal knitting time.
  • And there’s the pure bliss of receiving beautiful yarn and being justified in abandoning all WIPs (aka current projects) in the pursuit of the perfect pattern, closely followed by casting on while the giver is still around, and culminating in the first Finished Object of the year.

Christmas knitting – did I do it? Yes.

I gave socks to Brother and Sister-in-Law (I learnt my lesson, having done the mad stuff a year ago!)

Grey-blue socks with personalised gift bandGrey-red socks with personalised gift band

And I was given this beautiful Noro yarn by Elder Daughter

two balls of grey and purple yarn

which has gloriously turned into this.grey and purple knitted loop

Christmas knitting in January? I’m all for it!