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One of the first events I attended after joining the American International Women’s Club of Cologne was Stitch ‘n’ Bitch. There were four of us and I had taken some cross-stitch embroidery along, not thinking about how difficult it would be to count and talk at the same time. Since then I’ve always worked on my knitting and as the group has grown (we’re up to well over 20 crafters now), so has my experience of what makes a good project for these knitting get-togethers.

piece of striped knitting

Stocking stitch / stockinette

Something straightforward that in other circumstances might even be considered boring – like miles and miles of stocking stitch with little or no shaping. It also helps if said project can be put down and picked up at will. I don’t consider my self to be an expert but there is often someone needing a spot of help. Trying to find my place in a complicated pattern has been known to end badly.  A smallish project, like a sock, the sleeve of a jumper, one front of a cardigan, or a scarf, is easy to transport and you don’t need half the table for all your paraphernalia.

Our group only meets once a month so there is often something new to admire. Although I spend a fair amount of my time knitting, it is usually during the evening or on quiet weekends so a morning spent surrounded by good friends, lovely yarns and inspiring books and patterns always feels like a bit of a treat…even if I don’t do much knitting!