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I had been looking forward to starting this project. It was an easy knit and the yarn was well suited to it.  I’ve made something similar before so it was going to be stress-free knitting. There’s a recipient for this so it’s top secret at the moment but here’s a little teaser…

white baby knitting close-upSomehow this wasn’t the satisfying knit it should have been. The dimensions seemed wrong and the fabric dense. I thought it might be better once there was more of the  item so I carried on but quickly ran into construction difficulties. I’ve met these before and solved them – kind of. I knit some more. My dissatisfaction grew with the knitting. There was no way I was ever going to give this to anyone.

It had to be frogged! One last look then I took it off the needles and ripped it back. It’s rather alarming how quick and easy ripping back is – it’s a bit like spending all afternoon preparing dinner, to have it wolfed down in ten minutes flat!

Now I’m using a different pattern, different needles and this is turning out to be the fun project I was looking for!