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Well no, not really.

Sock hanging from balcony rail over plants

But this is a sock called Orchid hanging out on my balcony. I’d bought this lovely Atelier Zitron Trekking (XXL) yarn in a lipstick moment when I’d gone into a yarn shop nearby that I’d never paid much attention to up to now.

Then of course I needed a good pattern. I tried out a few different things. The stripes are too well-defined for many textured patterns (although Uzu looked quite good).

In the end I went with Orchidee (scroll down for the English instructions). It appears to be a variation on the waffle stitch pattern. The purled rows really make the slipped stitches stand out. I worked this toe-up and knitted my preferred toes and heels.Pair of socks on feet

The pattern is very straightforward and so lends itself to car-knitting. A very respectable amount of the first sock was done on a 750 km weekend trip to northern Germany. The remainder was partly knit outside. On the balcony.