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When I read this on For the Knit of It,

I thought the idea was too good not to share. So what does knitting mean to me?

My 10 top thoughts.


  1. Keeps fingers nimble and the brain agile (I hope!)
  2. Relaxes and soothes (think swathes of garter)
  3. Challenges and stimulates (lace in all its intricacy)
  4. Means wearing clothes that fit
  5. Makes long journeys seem much shorter
  6. Is giving presents that are personal
  7. Is being creative with colour and textures without having to be inventive
  8. Brings like-minded people together
  9. Is learning and teaching and sharing all rolled into one
  10. Lets you be a little part of something bigger (Knitting for Water)

What does knitting mean to you?

For the Knit of It


I saw this idea on another blog (help, my mind draws a blank this morning!) and thought it was such a brilliant topic that I had to try my own. What does knitting mean to a knitter? What does it mean to me?

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