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Don’t get me wrong, I’m not advocating skeletal young girls starving themselves to be the next supermodels. I’m talking about yarn (what else?)! I really enjoyed knitting my newest cardigan but it was a bit strange to be back working with thicker yarn. I do like knitting with thinner yarn and needles. This ball of loveliness ball of orange brown and purple yarnjust happened to jump into my arms when I was in a wool shop, helping a friend to pick out some yarn! Then it sat in my stash for ages awaiting inspiration. One ball didn’t actually seem like a lot. Of course  spending a few hours trawling a quick visit to Ravelry soon had me picking up my needles! The pattern is Teardrops by Kieran Foley. shawl close-up hearts in mesh      hearts in mesh shawl hearts in mesh shawl stretched out and backlit