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Yes, the workshop I’d signed up for turned out to be a wonderful weekend focussing on wellness and wellbeing as well as some education. How nice is that?

It was lovely. The weekend was hosted by a company I freelance for. They run educational childcare centres across the country – some for companies and others for local municipalities. This year they started an appreciation campaign – ‘Educators are Heroes’ – to improve  working conditions for early childhood educators, to improve facilities for the children that attend, to raise awareness for the work that educators do. (In Germany early childhood educators are paid according to a different salary scheme to school teachers. Historically education for under sixes was considered less important.)

Striped sock on double-pointed needles

We ate well and often. We chose from a variety of physical activities that ranged from  relaxing Qigong to the more strenuous exertion of dancing or running. We enjoyed the lovely facilities at the hotel as well as the park surrounding it. Fortunately the weather was glorious too. We exchanged ideas and experiences. We appreciated entertaining performances by various groups of educators. On Saturday we even used our brains  at lectures and seminars. This weekend was the perfect opportunity for  someone like me, who doesn’t work regularly in Head  Office or in one of the centres, to put faces to names and to connect with colleagues I email.

I even got a bit more sock done too!