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Particularly the Monday in the month where the American International Women’s Club of Cologne gets together for Stitch ‘n’ Bitch!

Summer has arrived at long last and, of course, we’ve gone from shivering in our sweaters to sweating in our skin, so naturally, knitting isn’t on everyone’s agenda. Needless to say, we’re always pleased to see people. Turning up for a chat and leaving the wool at home is quite okay, too. Admittedly, that isn’t something I would do. In the winter I get extra knitting time sitting on the tram. I forfeit that in summer for the joys of cycling into the city centre. It is an appealing bike ride. I cycle along next to the Rhine, watching the barges and enjoying the beautiful aspect of Cologne Cathedral (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) in front of me. Truly uplifting.

Kölner Dom - Cathedral in Cologne

Kölner Dom – Cathedral in Cologne (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Then I get to spend a couple of hours with some knitting friends:

  • my activity co-leader who doesn’t get to devote as much time to knitting as she deserves, and whose projects are always very inspiring;
  • the experienced knitters who got me addicted to sock knitting (see here) and who were so graceful and committed when we had the slightly ambitious idea of knitting an afghan blanket to raise money for charity;
  • and the many women who take some time out from their busy lives to share a little creativity in an English-speaking environment.

Yes I do like Mondays.