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one_lovely_blog_awardI’d hardly left my desk when lo and behold another one appeared! A pink and white one with the word lovely in it. Thank you very much EmpressFibres for the shout out! I’m honoured to be amongst your nominations for the One Lovely Blog Award.

Life is busy at the moment but I didn’t want to disregard EmpressFibres’ kindness so I’m taking the easy way out again. There are so many wonderful blogs. I suggest you scroll through my page ‘Links and Inspiration’ and click on any that take your fancy.

WordPress just showed a message on my post informing me that “Occasionally, some of your visitors may see an advertisement here.” Please note that this is not because I earn money with a Word Ad program, but because I haven’t purchased their No Ads Upgrade.  You can read more here: About These Ads.