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Sock One was born in the International Airport at Kuala Lumpur. striped sock - heel close-upIt developed a little in Bangkok Airport before growing up considerably while crossing the Indian ocean and after arriving at its new home in Cologne, Germany. We hit puberty on the A31 heading towards the North Sea. Having been there before, puberty knitting the Sweet tomato Heel in the car with no instructions, was a doddle. Sock One finally reached adulthood back in Cologne.

striped socks on feetSock Two was born in Cologne and spent its childhood on high-speed ICE trains and in buses and trams. It only got as far as Ludwigshafen, 160 odd miles to the south of Cologne and Kassel, 150 miles to the north east but 250 miles by train! Its development was slow but steady. There were no growing pains and Sock Two  turned out to look a lot like Sock One.

We finally reached maturity yesterday and this well-travelled pair took a car, a tram and a bus journey – on my feet!

striped socks in T-bar shoes