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Yesterday marked the start of Something New in the Soknitsome household.

I was still getting accustomed to the idea but now that Mr Soknitsome has jetted off across the globe it is well and truly real. Mr Soknitsome has a new job. In Sydney, Australia. I’m still in Cologne. Our younger daughter graduates from university this autumn and I would like to be here for the festivities. In the meantime I carry on working, organise our shipments, tie up loose ends, and more.

Consequently, it’s been a bit mad around here recently. We’ve had action-packed weekends both north (to family in Varel in Friesland) and south (to friends in Ludwigsburg, a city we previously lived in) as well as a lovely day on a boat with local friends. In-between we’ve written and revised numerous lists!

Regrettably, my back was less enamoured with this travel itinerary and so the many hours of car-knitting I’d looked forward to were almost non-existent. I was just pleased to arrive in one piece and in a relatively friendly frame of mind.

Normal knitting will resume shortly…