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This idea is blatantly copied from Mollie and Claire but then imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and I’m very grateful for the inspiration!

FRIDAY 8:55 am. Cologne to Mannheim. Working on the ribbing for sock 1.green lace sock on double-pointed needles

11:40 am. Mannheim to Munich. Toe for sock 2 is done. Pattern starts.green lace socks

14:25 am. Arriving in Munich. The foot of sock 2 is progressing nicely.green lace socks

Saturday and Sunday were spent with older daughter and boyfriend. There was a bit of knitting and a visit to a local yarn shop squeezed in to the rest of the fun!

MONDAY 9:50 am. Munich to Frankfurt. Just starting on the heel of  sock 2.green lace sock on train

For the first time ever there’s another knitter on the train and she’s sitting next to me AND she’s knitting socks! Serendipity.

sock and water bottle on train

12:55. Frankfurt. Sweet Tomato Heel finished. Leave friendly knitter on train and transfer for Cologne.

green sock heel close-up

Cologne. Home with a good part of the ankle completed.

green lace sock on double-pointed needles