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The ten days I spent in Sydney went by in a flash.

At the weekend we looked at apartments, checked out furniture shops, walked around town and ate good food. Mr Soknitsome took me to see his office. The view is quite splendid!

Sydney Harbour Bridge and offices

During the week I went and saw another flat, took a bus through Sydney to see some more furniture shops and did a wee bit of sightseeing too.

There were some knitterly aspects to the week but not much actual knitting. I was out and about during much of the day and when I got back around five it was beginning to get dark. The serviced apartment that Mr Soknitsome currently stays in has cosy lighting and not bright-I-can-see-my-knitting kind of lighting.

The knitterly highlight of the week was having lunch in North Sydney with a small group  of knitters who I found via Ravelry. They belong to another group that meets every week in the city centre and I’m really pleased that I’ll be able to join them once I move. The weather was quite mixed during my stay. But since the sun was shining and the sky blue,  I walked back over the Sydney Harbour Bridge after the knitting lunch.

Sydney Opera House

During my adventures around town I did go and search out Morris & Sons. The shop stocks supplies for various needlecrafts including some lovely Australian-themed cross-stitch kits. There was lots of yarn downstairs – some of it was imported but there was also a lot of their own brand as well as other Australian-made yarn which seemed to be quite reasonably priced and which I’m sure I’ll be trying out. There was a class going on and I didn’t like to take any photos so here’s a quick snap of part of the window display.

knitting, cushions and balls of yarn