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Yep, that’s right: sock.


One sock.

I had forgotten just how looooong man socks are. This one is a Time Traveller Sock by Liz Sedmak. It’s a combination of 4×1 and 2×1 ribbing and I adjusted the sequences to match my 72 stitch sock. The flatter 4×1 sections are placed centrally front and back with more of the narrower 2×1 ribs at the sides. This should make for a neat fit, too. It They will be a Christmas present so there’s no trying on.

dark blue ribbed sock

Last week was filled with adjusting packing lists and switching items from ship to air and back. The removal company came on the Friday morning and took it all away. If everything goes according to plan, Mr Soknitsome will get the air freight at the end of next week and the sea shipment will arrive just after I get to Sydney. We’ve done this packing/moving malarkey several times before so we know what’s what. Having said that, I sat down one evening this week and thought “Hello…you were supposed to go!”

grey candle with knitting texture