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…hanging in a row.

Since I have a bit of a reputation for being a knitter, this seemed like the ideal way  of giving some of my close friends in Cologne a little leaving present that was ‘the same but different’ without worrying about size or fibre preferences. I made one earlier this year for an old (longstanding) friend down south. It’s perfect for sunglasses, keys and purse but it can always just be used for keeping things tidy in a cupboard.five two-coloured bags hanging on a pole

This pattern is Summer Fling by espace tricot and you can find it on espace tricot’s wonderful website here and on Ravelry here.

I was pleased to finally add a bit to my knitting mileage for this year (1.376m = 0.855 miles!), since once you put Knitmeter on your blog, you feel a bit silly if the numbers don’t change! Needless to say, this simple pleasure is dampened by the fact that I’d much rather not have had any reason for knitting farewell gifts!