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Sometimes you need something a little simpler. This sock has been knitted on at knit night, and on buses. I’ve even knitted a bit at home, too, when the lights were dimmed and I didn’t want to concentrate on lace work in a dark lace weight yarn.

This is my upside down Primavera Sock. The pattern is written cuff-down but I started at the toe. Why? I like knitting socks toe-up. When I first began knitting socks I was drawn to the idea of being able to try them on as you go. This has turned out to be a good thing. I knit socks on skinny 2mm (US 0) needles and only need 60 stitches to get a snug but not tight sock. Sometimes I have to fiddle with a pattern. Here I switched the decreases and increases to keep the directional shape of the design as it kind of grows up your foot.

The greenish section came as a bit of a surprise.

stripy textured sock close-up

I thought I was knitting something similar to the pale lilac but lo and behold in daylight it looks quite different. I’ve been knitting from the centre of the ball and from the outside it looks like this:wool ball red orange lilac

Its partner clearly shows this green and I had looked inside both balls to check that they were the same colours when I bought them.wool ball red orange green

It appears, too, that the colour sequence is now reversing. This could be a very interestingly striped pair of socks!

stripy textured sock on needles