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So we’re approaching the final fortnight of both the knit alongs I’m taking part in.
lilac shawl

Having signed up to knit two shawls as part of Joji Locatelli’s Fall Knit Along, I cast on my second one, Ley Lines, at the beginning of the month. I’ve started the third section and the more I knit, the more I like this. It doesn’t require too much concentration (any mistakes stand out immediately) so it’s excellent social knitting, too.

In a burst of enthusiasm for the The Aussie Sock Knitters group and their current KAL, I decided to knit another pair of socks. The pattern’s by Melissa Deutsch Scott (aka Stranded In Oz) and having seen the lovely pair of Le Maquis that WollombiDreamer made, I knew I wanted to make these too!

Melissa was very generous and gave me the pattern, since I was knitting the socks as part of a knit along. I’m really pleased with how they turned out.

blue lace socksblue lace socks

I didn’t use the heel in the pattern, but the one from Cassandra Dominick’s Early Bird Socks which I also used on my Blue Bark socks. I think this will be My Heel from now on. It fits really well and because the knit 1, slip 1 starts under the heel, I’m hopeful they will be durable, too. I’ve just darned the bottom of the heel on my Fraternals socks. It’s not perfectly executed and I probably shouldn’t wear them too often but  I am loath to discard them, as  these were my Very First Socks Ever. darned sock heel

The colour of these new socks, as well as the lovely lace pattern, makes them very appealing. The yarn is Wolle Rödel’s Sport & Strumpfwolle Classik. A standard 75% wool / 25% nylon 4-ply sock yarn. Wolle Rödel has shops selling yarn, needlework and jewellery-making materials throughout Germany and I bought this when I was teaching an English course in Stuttgart. I had to literally walk past the shop to get to the train!