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There I’ve said it. Admittedly, that’s a bit of a sweeping statement but how many of the resolutions and good intentions that are made at the start of the year still hold true by the end?

Less is more. Or rather, concentrating on fewer projects at one time leads to satisfyingly quicker results and can be more efficient, too. Especially if you have to ‘find’ your way back into a project that’s been lying dormant for a while. With this in mind, here are my plans for thoughts on project management for this year:

I intend limiting myself to:

something straightforward for social knitting,

a larger or more complex project, and

a small travel project.

When I take part in knit alongs they will be to make one of these items and not an excuse to start another project.

So what happens now?

There are still secret projects to be completed. These will have to count collectively as my larger project for just now as they are unsuitable for social knitting.

My small travel project will be a sock for a knit along (more on that soon).

That just leaves the social knitting. Well, funnily enough, whenever I’ve been at a gathering recently that involved knitting I took my  Ley Lines shawl. It really deserves to be finished. I started it in a moment of folly back in the spring when  knitting two shawls as part of a KAL seemed like a very achievable goal. Then I got distracted by more knit alongs and secrets and…

So here it is, growing longer and longer, and I still have a quarter of the yarn to go. I really hope I can block some width into it. It’s a shame that this shawl has been neglected somewhat since whenever I pull it out of the bag, I’m always pleased to hold it in my hands and knit it again. It should be finished soon, too, if I keep to my plans!  lilac shawl