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It’s no secret that I actually like Monday mornings. Particularly ones like this morning where the American International Women’s Club of Cologne (AIWCC) gets together for Stitch ‘n’ Bitch!

There were eight of us this morning. One knitter came early but didn’t stay too long. Another joined us later for a bit of a chat. We had a beautiful daughter who was not just modelling her Mum’s latest fabulous piece of work but also knitted a few rows on a bag. She’s ten. One crafter worked on her lovely cross-stitch sampler which I find quite brave as my efforts in the past have been very frustrating. It’s just so hard to chat and count and cross-stitch all at the same time. Otherwise we were knitting a pair of socks, a jumper, a scarf and a cardigan. The cardigan’s mine: Liesl by Isolda Teague

multi-coloured lace top yoke